Use these 3 Useful tools to save your Organization Money…..

The non profit sector is filled with extraordinary people. Most of them caring and mission-driven. One area where the sector needs improvement, is developing a start-up attitude. This is where non profits can learn from startup-ups. They can learn about doing things efficiently and cost effectively. Over the years, I have found a few tools that I always recommend to my clients:

Upcoming Grant Deadlines

Dates to Note We are a little short on time this week,  so our post will just be dates to watch for some upcoming grants due in the next few weeks. Gender based Violence Promising Practices to Support Survivors and Their Families- Due March 1 – Opportunities Fund-Projects to support Canadians with Disabilities- Due March… Continue reading Upcoming Grant Deadlines

When Data Metrics and Non-Profits Meet

Over the last few years, many nonprofits have jumped on the data train. Some for the first time, either through their own efforts or through the coercion of funders, have begun to evaluate and track their data. Others, evaluate project to project, with no interconnectedness between evaluation systems. Others still, are fighting a losing battle and standing their ground, refusing to collect any data at all.

Canada Summer Jobs Extension to Feb 9th, 2019

The Canada Summer Jobs Program Deadline is Tomorrow February 9th!   For any small businesses or not for profits looking for some extra help this Summer, The Canada Summer jobs program represents a great way to get funding to cover the expenses associated with hiring Summer students.  With the additional expenses associated with increases to… Continue reading Canada Summer Jobs Extension to Feb 9th, 2019

Winning an OTF Seed Grant

How do You Win an OTF Seed Application? Ontario Trillium Foundation (OTF) grants are due February 21 and they represent a great opportunity for non profits and charities to pilot new ideas, adopt new programs or develop conceptual models to a new region.  Seed Grants are about experimenting, trying new things and changing existing models… Continue reading Winning an OTF Seed Grant

When Your Mission Stinks….

When Your Mission Stinks…. Having worked in consulting to both for profit and non-profit organizations over the last decade, one of the time honoured truths that I often see, is that very often, mission statements stink. While this may seem like a harsh statement, consider the weight and importance we place on mission. Your mission,… Continue reading When Your Mission Stinks….

OTF Seed Grant Registration Deadline -Jan 31

Your OTF Registration   The Ontario Trillium Foundation-OTF- Seed Grant Registration deadline is coming up on January 31st. What this means is that if you and/or your organization is interested in applying for a seed grant, you need to have your organization registered by the end of January.   Registration, involves getting together some vital… Continue reading OTF Seed Grant Registration Deadline -Jan 31

Do I need a feasibility study?

A feasibility study or a feasibility plan, is an assessment into the viability of an idea. In business, we use feasibility studies to decide whether to proceed with a proposed venture. They are used by all types of businesses. Feasibility plans get used as a way to account for and mitigate some of the risks… Continue reading Do I need a feasibility study?

Do I Need a Business Plan? The answer may surprise you…

Do I need a business plan? I cannot tell you how often I get this question. Early in my career, I was an avid supporter of Business Plans. Not the business plan itself per se, but the planning process. Planning in itself is crucial to the success of a business-or so I thought. However, over… Continue reading Do I Need a Business Plan? The answer may surprise you…