Use these 3 Useful tools to save your Organization Money…..


The non profit sector is filled with extraordinary people. Most of them caring and mission-driven. One area where the sector needs improvement, is developing a start-up attitude.  This is where non profits can learn from startup-ups. They can learn about doing things efficiently and cost effectively.  Over the years, I have found a few tools that I always recommend to my clients:


a. LawDepot

Law Depot is a subscription service that costs a whopping $75 dollars per year or so. It is a “depot” of contracts, agreements and legal resources, that I use over and over again. It gives me a starting point for all legal and business agreements and is super easy to use. I rarely use it without consulting a lawyer, but it does give me a foundation to start from, thereby reducing costs, plus it is super cheap. It is also based on Canadian law, which is a bonus. Check it out at

b. AppSumo

AppSumo in itself is not a product, but a service. It lists “deals” for entrepreneurs–think Groupon for business. You can get incredible deals there on everything from social media tools to digital images. I have used this site to grab so many deals over the years I have lost count. One service I purchased, was Plannable. I was previously using Hootsuite. I was very happy with Hootsuite, but it was costing me over $20 per month.  Plannable sounded similar and I could get it for $49 forever. That means, I paid $49 once and have this tool as long as I want to use it.  A year later, I am still using it, and Plannable costs over $25 per month now.  See what I mean by costs savings? Definitely, sign up for this site. Get your deals at:


Not enough non profits take advantage of these free services. From email to server space, free Adwords and Youtube–I cannot say enough about this. Non profits are literally throwing away money by not utilizing these free services correctly. Did you know that as a non profit you potentially qualify for up to $10,000 in free Adwords? i.e you can advertise your services, events, and more to grow your organization and impact? Too few non-profits utilize this service correctly.Find out more at :

What other resources do you use? Drop us a line and let us know other great tools. As always feel free to reach out with questions, comments or inquiries at 519-520-3443 or email