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For nearly 20 years, we have helped businesses, social enterprises, non-profits, and economic development initiatives to launch, grow, and achieve sustainability.

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About Reimar Group

For over 12 years, our team has worked with nonprofits and charities across Canada to scale their impact, grow their resilience and increase their sustainability. We believe in empowering organizations to find unique opportunities within their communities that maximize revenue generation, diversify funding streams and are authentic to the mission they represent.

We do this through enhancing organizational sustainability, finding proven social enterprise and social finance models that fit the organizational profile, and pinpointing the metrics that make sense for you and your stakeholders. We are leaders in social enterprise, financial sustainability and organizational resilience.

We always start, by asking our clients, “if you lost your main funder tomorrow, what would you do”? From this question, we brainstorm solutions that turn organizations from dependence to independence.

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We believe that growth strategies should mirror organizational mission and values.


Organization sustainability means diversity in revenue streams to decrease overall risk.


We help you to find and build the team you need to grow and sustain your organization.


We identify the resources you need and how to best allocate them to grow your organization.

Our Services:

Reimar Group - Financial Sustainability

Financial Sustainability

We will work with you to build sustainability through multiple revenue streams.

Reimar Group - Social Enterprise Strategy Services

Social Enterprise

The world is changing and social enterprise is how we can meet these challenges head on.

Reimar Group - Social Enterprise Evaluation

Social Enterprise Evaluation

“You can’t manage what you can’t measure.”
-Peter Drucker

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