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We are management consultants who focus on research,  entrepreneurship, & strategy as the pillars of our work. We deliver unmatched quality, winning expertise & sustainability for your business, organization or project.

Business,  Feasibility  & Social Enterprise Plans

For over 11 years our team has worked with hundreds of entrepreneurs to launch, scale or plan their business or social enterprise venture. We bring expertise in market research, financial analysis,  technology and strategy to make your project sustainable and scalable. We have helped our clients secure millions in funding for their projects ($50M and counting).

Market Research & Strategy Consulting 

We are experts in primary and secondary market research. Better still, we know how to use information strategically to help our clients best position their projects, policy or framework.  We have worked with government, non-profits and private sector to deliver leading research, and help you translate that research in executable results.

Entrepreneurship Programs & Strategy

Developing an entrepreneurship program? A new incubator or hub? Let us work with you to develop your strategy, curriculum & operational model.  From helping you develop customized solutions to supporting you with our proprietary software platform (SME Gurus)  custom curricula, we can design your entire entrepreneurship strategy from start to finish.

Founder & Lead Consultant

Carmen Reis

Carmen has been working with entrepreneurs and non profits for over 11 years. As a CPA, CMA she has worked in the public and private sector Carmen has worked with hundreds of entrepreneurs to help them complete business, marketing & feasibility plans. She has completed projects from the Middle East, to Asia, Europe and Latin America. As a first generation immigrant who grew up in an entrepreneurial household, she is passionate about entrepreneurship as a way of life and as a vehicle for personal and community level transformation. Her energy & enthusiasm are contagious.

Project Manager

Rodolfo Martinez

Having worked in the financial services, non-profit, creative, and high-tech sectors, Rodolfo Martinez brings a wealth of experience to the Reimar team. An experienced Project Manager, Rodolfo’s has worked on social projects to create a scalable model for the attraction and retention of immigrant entrepreneurs to rural communities, develop strategies and recommendations to allow ageing business owners to work with new Canadians entrepreneurs and developed programs and apps to help youth and newcomers learn about financial literacy. He volunteers and works with many organziations to help achieve sustainability, execute challenging projects and enhance their marketing and social media.

Web Architect

Bartlomiej Mika

Founder of Mika Software and Architect for Reimar’s web solutions, this young tech entrepreneur joined the Reimar team after working on solutions for Big Three auto manufacturers during his time at AutoData. Bartlomiej is responsible for managing Reimar’s technology solutions, helping to develop customized social media tools and providing our clients with technology consulting for their businesses. As a passionate iOS developer, he is passionate about technology and its impact on our society, and writes for The Social Entrepreneur magazine, has founded several opensource learning projects and regularly consults with on technology projects.



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Social Enterprise

Social innovation, social finance and sustainability are key to today's non-profit, and something that we have delivered on time and again.

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