When Your Mission Stinks….

When Your Mission Stinks…. Having worked in consulting to both for profit and non-profit organizations over the last decade, one of the time honoured truths that I often see, is that very often, mission statements stink. While this may seem like a harsh statement, consider the weight and importance we place on mission. Your mission,… Continue reading When Your Mission Stinks….

5 Trends Why SME’s will Continue to Grow.

In the wake of massive lay-offs in the manufacturing sector, downsizing across all industries and renewed vows to create sustainability, SME’s are a powerful way to counter large Corporations and create REAL, SUSTAINABLE, solutions. Here are 5 Trends why we think  SME’s will grow in the future….. 1. Generation Y– brought up to value their… Continue reading 5 Trends Why SME’s will Continue to Grow.

Reimar Group – Real World Business Growth

Welcome to our website! We are experts in creating strategic, marketing, business and social enterprise plans. With over 10 years experience in a variety of industries and sectors, our team of experts can help you to achieve your strategic goals. We will work with you to develop flexible, relevant and effective business growth strategies. If you are… Continue reading Reimar Group – Real World Business Growth