[service_box icon=”fa-tablet” title=”Easy Business Plans” icon_type=”font”]Our entrepreneurship platform, SME Gurus, will change the way your entrepreneurs develop their business plan.

What it offers:
  • Quick, easy to use business planning tool
  • 25 page-banker approved business plan
  • Easy to use and create financials
  • MS Word and Excel support

[service_box icon=”fa-bar-chart-o” title=”Strategy” icon_type=”font”]Plan for growth and sustainability while meeting short and long-term objectives. Let us work with you to meet your goals!

What we offer
  • Strategic Plans & Growth Plans
  • Feasibility Analysis
  • Business & Operational Plans
  • Business Management Consulting

[service_box icon=”fa-bolt” title=”Entrepreneurship” icon_type=”font”]Are you an entrepreneur serving organization? Then look no further, this solution is for you.

What we offer
  • Reimar Entrepreneurship¬†Consulting
  • SME Gurus Platform
  • Entrepreneurship Program
  • Education & Curriculums



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