What do you mean I run a tech company?

So I was sitting at a meeting a couple of weeks back and someone asked me about my insight running a tech business. For a second I looked across the table at someone else who was at the meeting, but soon realized that the individual was talking to me. I asked him, “me? Run a… Continue reading What do you mean I run a tech company?

Business Plans for Newcomers – Part 1

I cannot tell you how many times, I have heard of newcomers turned down for loans simply because they could not produce a business plan. In our lending systems, as covered in a past blog, it is customary to ask for a business plan. In many cases, lenders will not even look at your business… Continue reading Business Plans for Newcomers – Part 1

#waystokillanidea – It is too expensive.

Ways to Kill an Idea – #4. It is too expensive Here is part 4 on my blog series of how to kill an idea. I’ll quickly recap three ideas from a recent conference that motivated me to write these posts: 1. Fail fast, fail forward. 2. Do not be afraid to think big. 3.… Continue reading #waystokillanidea – It is too expensive.